Who Are Haci olabi ?

“Olabi Sons” is one of the most important companies in the Arab world. it founded since 1952.

HACI OLABI is the gateway to this trade in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, where it has become an important name in the coffee industry in the Turkish market since 2012, and after years of hard work the status we have reached, to be “Olabi coffee” is the preferred choice In Turkey for coffee lovers of all kinds and classifications and different flavors.


The company was established in 1952 in the State of Kuwait by its first founders, with a wide variety of items.In 1960, our foreign journey began internationally, starting from Saudi Arabia and then to our homeland Syria, and to various Arab and foreign countries.In 2012, a new and huge launch took place in Turkey with HACI OLABI as its icon in Istanbul.- Coffee is at the forefront of our interests, where our company works with more than 30 varieties of coffee from the green coffee Colombian and Brazilian, through Indian coffee, and even Yemeni coffee.- Based on the great history of this trade, Haci Olabi also offers in your hand expertise in the field of cardamom in ten varieties originating from Guatemala and India.- Ceylon tea is an important category on which the trade “Olabi” comes from the green plains of Ceylon

Why Haci Olabi?

From the very beginning, we are keen to produce coffee within the highest international quality standards.


Starting from choosing the best coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil and India  ,also Production, which takes into account the appropriate temperatures, with air circulation during this stage, and then grinding with the latest and most advanced machines, to the sale and distribution at all our points of deployment internationally, and we are also keen on the basis of our professionalism and professionalism and our long history of this industry The use of advanced technologies and environmentally friendly, to move forward, to provide our customers with the finest types of coffee with the best flavors.- We strive to provide the finest and finest types of dates preserving the authenticity of the ancient Arab, not complete the pleasure of our cup of coffee only with eating a grain of natural dates.

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